Sesame honey bar Βio Farma 30gr

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Sesame honey bar Βio Farma 30gr

Barcode: 5203223403565


The uncompetitive and at the same time traditional taste, which derives from the combination of honey and sesame, is a stable value. Bio Farma seasame honey bar is ideal for brunch at work or at school. Also, it can be preferred against to other types of pastries, as its fats are not saturated. It provides energy and as a snack supports the stimulation of the body.


ENERGY kj 2271,23
ENERGY kcal 544,61
FAT (g) 32,29 of which saturated (g) 4,6
CARBOHYDRATE (g) 49,0 of which sugar (g) 35,0
PROTEIN (g) 11,5
FIBRE (g) 6,0
SALT (g) 0,0