Sesame Bar Bites Βio Farma 150gr

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Sesame Bar Bites Βio Farma 150gr

Barcode: 5203223408546


Organic Bio Farma Sesame Bar Bites are an excellent and healthy snack at the same time for the office, school, trips and gym. It is consumed as a snack on the go. Tradition meets the present. The sweet taste, but also the balance in the aftertaste, provide to sesame bar bites a finesse.

Nutritional Claims



ENERGY kj 2062
ENERGY kcal 492
FAT (g) 25,8 of which saturated (g) 4,3
CARBOHYDRATE (g) 53,7 of which sugar (g) 36,1
PROTEIN (g) 13,9
FIBRE (g) 5,1
SALT (g) 0,1