Honey Βio Farma 500gr + 35% Free product

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Honey Bio Farma 500gr +35% Free product

Barcode: 5203223411782


Rich in nutrients, aroma and flavor, honey belongs to the foods that would better not be missing from our diet. Its nutrients classify honey as a ‘nutritional treasure’ that can greatly enhance the value of a Mediterranean diet plan. The sweet flavor and intense aroma of Bio Farma honey are perfect combined with pastries and drinks. Organic honey is produced without the use of insecticides, away from crops that use pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


ENERGY (kj) 1420
ENERGY (kcal) 339
FAT (g) 0,1 of which saturated (g) 0,1
CARBOHYDRATE (g) 81,0 of which sugar (g) 81,0
PROTEIN (g) 0,1
SALT (g) 0,1