Chopped Tomatoes Βio Farma 400gr

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Chopped Tomatoes Βio Farma 400gr

Barcode: 5203223403930


The organic chopped tomato Bio Farma is produced from selected tomatoes. In case you want to give your recipe the impression that you have cut a tomato at that moment into small pieces, you can use chopped tomatoes. It’s about a tomato flesh cut into small or larger cubes, preserved in its juice.


ENERGY kj 92
ENERGY kcal 22
FAT (g) 0,1 of which saturated (g) 0,0
CARBOHYDRATE (g) 4,2 of which sugar (g) 3,6
PROTEIN (g) 0,8
FIBRE (g) 0,4
SALT (g) 0,03