How organic products are produced?

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How organic products are produced

Organic farming – Livestock is a mild method of food production. For cultivation of plants is not allowed using synthetic-chemical fertilizers and pesticides, hormones, etc., but using materials that occur naturally as minerals, plant residues and manure. The organic production method takes responsibility for maintaining and increasing soil fertility by taking a series of techniques, such as an appropriate crop rotation (crop rotation), fallow, green manure, application of animal manure or other organic materials.

The control of pests and diseases of crops based on the one hand, preventive measures (cultivation of appropriate variety, crop rotation, conservation measures and reinforce the action of natural enemies, appropriate farming techniques, etc.), and secondly,to implement appropriate – no chemical – plant protection products authorized by legislation (Reg (EC) 889/08, Annex II), which governs the production of organic products, such as copper, sulfur compounds, natural insecticides, using microorganismsor substances produced by microorganisms, etc. The control of weeds is through working the land, implementing an appropriate program of crop rotation, use shredder or flame. Not with use of herbicides.